Royal Baptist Church

Newnan, GA

Life Groups

Why Life Groups?

Jesus gave us His unchanging mission of MAKING DISCIPLES of all nations (Matt. 28:19-20).  We strive to carry out this mission by following the same approach that Jesus Himself modeled for us in Scripture.  Jesus discipled (loved, cared, encouraged, taught, trained, guided, etc.) people by having personal relationships with them.  His followers spent time with Him, enjoyed being with Him, learned from Him, watched Him serve people, and then actively followed His example and instructions. 

This is the purpose of every Life Group, provide a small group environment that fosters real, loving and caring relationships with one another that helps them to grow deeper in their own personal relationship with Jesus.  These kinds of relationships in the body of Christ will naturally extend  beyond just a weekly Life Group gathering and will become a priceless source of encouragement, joy, accountability, and fellowship as we serve Christ and do life together!

Everyone is encouraged to actively participate in a Life Group!  This is where you will meet people and make meaningful friendships.  Please see the Life Group listing below, get connected, and start building relationships for doing life together. 

To connect with a Life Group, please click here to send an email request for info: